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Pocket Gopher

The northern pocket gopher is reported to have been available to the Red Earth Cree [1].


1.         Meyer D: Appendix I: Plants, Animals and Climate; Appendix IV: Subsistence-Settlement Patterns. In: The Red Earth Crees, 1860-1960. Volume 1st edition, edn.: National Musem of Man Mercury Series; 1985: 175-185-200-223.

Pockets gophers are small rodents, that in North America, include the northern pocket gopher (Thomomys talpoides). They are in their own family and are fully fossorial, or underground specialists that forage by tunneling underground.


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Images provided below were obtained from the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History - North American Mammals. Available from
Northern pocket gopher
Credit: painting by Elizabeth McClelland from Kays and Wilson's Mammals of North America, © Princeton University Press (2002)
Credit: Data provided by NatureServe in collaboration with Bruce Patterson, Wes Sechrest, Marcelo Tognelli, Gerardo Ceballos, The Nature Conservancy — Migratory Bird Program, Conservation International — CABS, World Wildlife Fund — US, and Environment Canada — WILDSPACE.
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