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Ring-necked Pheasant

Northwest Coast cultures reportedly ate Ring-necked Pheasant [1]. The Micmac (Mi'kmaq) were also known to eat Ring-necked Pheasant, hunting them with bows and arrows, snares and other traps [2, 3]. The Kwakiutl (Kwakwaka'wakw) shot pheasants on occasion [4]. Northwest Coast cultures roasted the birds in ashes or on spits. Alternatively, pheasant meat was boiled in baskets filled with water and hot stones. Stewing was also common [1]. The Micmac plucked the birds and roasted them on spits [3]. Northwest Coast cultures stuffed their bedding with pheasant feathers. Hair ornaments for special celebrations were made from the feathers [1].


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The Ring-necked Pheasant (Phasianus colchicus) is a medium-sized upland fowl, introduced to North America as a gamebird from its native range in Eurasia. Ring-necked Pheasants are now widespread across United States and parts of southern Canada, especially in agricultural landscapes. They are easily distinguished from other North American upland fowl by their very long tail feathers, as well as the rooster-like appearance of males, including a dark glossy green head and a large, bright-red, bare skin patch on the face, and prominent white ring on the sides of the neck.


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Ring-necked Pheasant
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