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Although furbearers are best known for their thick and well-insulated pelage used to make clothing, many furbearers are also important food sources, ranging from species like beaver and muskrats that are staple food sources of many cultures to species like wolves and weasels that are occasionally consumed by some cultures as emergency food.

Furbearers include species from various orders and families that are highly valued for their dense, well-insulated fur. Most furbearers are carnivores, including raccoons, skunks, the dog family Canidae (comprised of wolves, coyotes, foxes, and domestic dogs), the cat family Felidae (comprised of cougar, lynx, bobcat, and domestic cats), and the weasel family Mustelidae (comprised of otter, mink, marten, fisher, wolverine, badger, and weasels). Other important furbearers include rabbits, hares, and rodents like beaver and muskrats. Squirrels are also sometimes classified as furbearers, but they are included in the Mammals/Rodent section.